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5 Filipino Foods You Need to Have this Christmas

Christmas is in the air and the Filipino have already started celebrating. Food is a major part of our festivities. From rich desserts to baked goods, we have a rich cuisine which can tickle anybody’s taste buds.

Let’s check out 5 most rated food from the land of the Philippines.


The Philippines has the sweetest mangoes, and therefore it has become the most favoured place for the delicious and appetizing dried mangoes around the world. These dried mangoes can be eaten as a snack or a dessert, or even used in ice-cream mixes or as toppings.

Sunshine Grocery brings to you a variety of dried mangoes. Other than the most popular CEBU dried mangoes, we also have dried mango balls available in plain, tamarind and pineapple flavors.

Checkout: Dried Mangoes on Sunshine Grocery


Easily understood as shortbread or small toasted wheat cake, Polvoron is a soft, crumbly confection which is not just a child’s favorite but also every adult’s loved delicacy. When talking about holidays, Polvorons are even great options for gifting and giveaways.

At Sunshine Grocery, we have Polvoron available in three different flavors – Crispy Young Rice (Pinipig), Young Coconut and Screwpine (Buko Pandan) and Purple Yam (Ube).

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Just like Italy is famous for its focaccia and France for its croissants, Pandesal is the beloved bread roll of the Philippines. Soft, fluffy and slightly sweet, it is a classic breakfast or midday snack, and you are definitely going to love it. You can have your Pandesal with peanut butter, gouda, cheddar or even condensed milk. Since these are less sweet than Hawaiian sweet rolls, they make fabulous sandwiches too.

In addition to Pandesal, you may want to try Mongo Bread, Pandecoco, Pandesal Ube and Spanish Bread – all available at Sunshine Grocery – brought fresh from the land of the Philippines.

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A popular variant of corn nuts in the Philippines, cornick is a deep-fried crunchy puffed corn nut snack. This Philippine corn nut has a lighter crunch than the typical corn nuts and is a perfect match for a movie night or a round of beers.

Cornick is commonly garlic-flavored, but you can try a variety of other flavors at Sunshine Grocery – like Chili Cheese, Hot Garlic, Adobo, BBQ and Spit Roasted Chicken (Lechon Manok). You may also like Cracker Nuts, Golden Sweet Corn, Garlic Flavor Mixed Nuts, Squash Seeds and Watermelon Seeds.

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Considered as one of the most nutrient-dense vegetable, bitter melons (both the fruits and leaves) have long been used for their medicinal properties. If you are into Filipino cuisine, you definitely know how important bitter gourds are in Filipino salads. Similarly, the bitter melon leaves are used in curries, stir- fries, salads, soups and even as side-dishes with rice and mung beans.

In this pandemic, when everyone is opting for healthier food choices, incorporate these Vitamins A and C rich bitter melon leaves in your meals.

Looking for more healthy leaves? Try Jute Leaves and Chili Pepper Leaves – both available at our online store Sunshine Grocery.

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Already started drooling over Filipino food? Do not worry! We have brought the cuisine of the Philippines right to your doorstep. Now, you can also celebrate your holidays with some of the most delectable dishes. We, at Sunshine Grocery, offer Filipino bakery goods, canned food, confections, drinks, nuts and what not. You just name the ingredient and we have it all ready for your Filipino treat.

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